Jordan 1

Colorways: Bred, chicago high, royals, midnights , sterling’s , white-silver, uncs, black gold, beginning moments, retro stealth, sport red, xQ china, alphas, levi denim, barons h, barons a , armed forces white, armed forces brown, fathers day black, fathers day tweed, max orange, high strap quests, hare, doernbecher, cdp, blue sapphire , silver anniversary , 60+, leroy smith, ko, olympic , black toe , banned , dave white, road to gold , washington dc , metal gold, highlight film, laney , powder blue , shattered backboard columbia, gucci, david letterman, blacktoe, cyber monday and concord.

Original release year: 1985

Types: Med, high, ultra high , low , premium

Traction: The pattern in the forefoot is ringed with a pivot point circle below the big toe allowing you to pivot (keep in mind this shoe was created in 1985) with the beams stretching out for stoping on a dime. The heel is a lateral cut curving into the heel.

Cushioning: The cushioning in this shoe is extremely hard and minimal. There isn’t any impact protection in the heel but a tiny bit in the forefoot

Materials: This varies between lots of different models but the main one used is a synthetic fibre (different ones for different types) lace for the laces and a flexible leather used for the body of the shoe.

Lockdown: The shoe does a decent job of staying on your foot if laced tight

Avg price/Where to buy: Lots of store such as footlocker , finishline, dtlr and champs will always have models or an average of $139.99CAD but some models that are limited sneakerheads will pay up to $3000.00CAD


My Thoughts: Being that this is a shoe from 1985, it isn’t the best on court but it is probably the most iconic shoe in jordan brand history.

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