Colorways: home, away, (lots of remakes of home that are pretty much all the same), Black Chrome, university blue, midnight blue, varsity maize, gold lucky, eminem, natural grey, preimio ,Ublue , blackwhite, varsity red, classic green, del sol,  infered23pure, concord, nightshade volt, iron purple, don c, atomic fire, donc2, away alt and cool grey

Release date
: 1987

Types: retro, retro qf, low, retro cdp, og

Traction: traction is pretty basic with the only real improvement is the dotted toe spots for toe drag resistance and a pivot point for major pivoting (same as jordan 1)

Cushioning: cushioning is very minimal as most jordans are, with no real sig. Cushion but there is some impact protection.

Materials: in the regular jordan 2s it is nothing special it is a regular textile but in the atomic fire it is lined with fur. The outside is always a soft leather but most people consider this the worst jordan shoe.   

Lockdown : this is probably the worst lockdown in the list.

Avg Price/where to buy: you can buy most of them from 2015 at the nike outlet for 159.99CAD but for eminem’s or don c’s there are anywhere from 500CAD to 990CAD.

My thoughts  : personally I love this shoe but lots of people disagree and think it’s terrible