Colourways: White cements, Black cements, Fire reds, true blue, Mocha, Grey cement, ls, flip, harbour bleu, do the right thing, Pure $, Black cats, CDP, silver anniversary, Doernbecher, BHM, Stealth, 88og, Joker, Crimson, Fear, Powder Blue, Infrared 23, Element, Wolf grey and Sport blue

Release date: 1988

Types: stealth, og, nike air

Traction: The traction is pretty decent and features a pivot point like all the previous ones. But is laddered along the sides . After the release date this was the best traction/ performance shoe for the next 3 years

Cushioning: this was the first jordan shoe and the first nike shoe to feature air max cushioning. It is not super impactful nowadays but back then this made the jordan 3 heaven for sneakers. This was revolutionary to the nike industry

Materials: all of the jordan 3s (exept gs sizes) are made of a plasticy leather that is smooth to the touch. The inside if felted (like other jordans) and the outsole is a solid rubber

Lockdown: the Lockdown on this shoe is a little under average since it is lower that the 1 and 2 so since people don’t usually play in these it doesn’t matter much

Avg Price/where to buy: the cheapest jordan one to buy is 295.99 CAD and it is sold on footlocker

My thoughts: i personally don’t like the look of this shoe to much but i think it revolutionized the jordan brand with air max

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