if you’ve heard of basketball you’ve heard of the GOAT Michael Jordan as a tar heels graduate and 3rd overall pick in the 1984 draft Jordan immediately signed a deal with Nike and following that release the must have shoe for a sneaker head :  The air Jordan 1

Image result for weird jordan brand thingsThis shoe was banned on court because of many reasons but he kept on making shoes almost every year in which they got more and more popular by each year. he was making more after 3 years with Nike that playing in the NBA.

His original logo looked like this Image result for og jordan logo

But by the time he released his 3rd shoe this logo wasn’t working for him all that well and switched it to the thing we see on things from phone cases to lunch pales to flip flops to a quarter the Nike brand shoes in the USA!Image result for jordan

This brand hauls in over 2 billion dollars a year and thier shoes cost just under 8$ to make.


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